Tips for Correcting Cat Behavior Problems

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Can cats truly learn how to behave? Yes, they can.

As a cat owner, you must have already realized that there is certainly more to cats than the adorable furballs everyone knows. At times, your pretty kitty could be a big problem to the house as well: they break up knick-knacks and decorations, scratch furniture and damage your stockings.

Cat Behaviors

There are actually reasons behind cat behavior issues. By being conscious of these factors, you may be able to help your cat behave.

Here is what we know so far about what causes cat behavior problems along with tips for correcting cat behavior problems.

1. Cats are nocturnal.

Cats tend to be more energetic at night time simply because they are capable of doing more exciting routines at this point.

Tip: Realizing that your cat is a lot more active during the night, spend playtime with your cat and keep her occupied in the morning. In this way, your cat is going to be too exhausted to try and do things if it is time for you to get to sleep.

2. Cats misbehave if they are bored.

When cats do not have a lot to do, they’ve got a habit of carrying out annoying things at home. This might be brought on by them seeking attention, or they could only need a thing to do to shed some collected energy.

Tip: At any rate, these behaviors could be resolved by putting aside particular time periods for you and the cat to relax and play. Try to remember to not play right after your cat has misbehaved as your cat will relate its misbehavior with you giving it particular attention.

3. Cats misbehave more when they are not spayed.

You could expect a lot more cat behavior problems once your cat goes into heat. Anticipate lots of bad behavior for cats who’re enclosed in their homes at these times.

Tip: Get your cat spayed to ease these kinds of problems.

4. Cats love playing with specific things within your house.

There are specific items that cats really like in the house. It might be a curtain, a sofa, or any thing they love the most. Fortunately, they dislike particular scents as well.

Tip: You can purchase a spray having an annoying scent on those items to keep them away.

5. Cats mistake your response to its misbehavior.

Owners typically get irritated the moment their pets misbehave, but they’re not very clear in demonstrating that they don’t agree to the bad behavior. When they aren’t clear whenever they reprimand their pet cats for behaving inappropriately, cats feel that the owners only want to have fun with them.

Tip: You’ve got to be clear with your responses to inappropriate behavior. When your cat misbehaves, you have to let them know that it’s a punishment instead of a game.

Keep in mind that cats look for rewards and they’ll steer clear of punishment. Don’t make misbehaving exciting to your cat by paying a lot of attention once she misbehaves.

The Bottom Line

Cat behavior problems are more prevalent than you believe and there are several remedies, based on your cat’s character. Cats could be trained and undesirable habits could be broken. Cat behavior issues are solvable, however it is much easier to correct your cat’s inappropriate behaviors once they initially occur. Continue reading